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Все книги
Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics (1 vol). 1956.

Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics (1 vol). - New York: Simon & Schuster, 1956. - 762 p.

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Table of Contents

Part I. General Survey
1. The Nature of Mathematics by Philip E.B. Jourdain

Part II. Historical and Biographical
1. The Great Mathematicians by Herbert Westren Turnbull
2. The Rhind Papyrus by James R. Newman
3. Arhimedes by Plutarch, Vitruvius, Tzetzes
4. Greek Mathematics by Ivor Thomas
5. The Declaration of the Profit of Arithmeticke by Robert Recorde
6. Johann Kepler by sir Oliver Lodge
7.The Geometry by Rene Descartes
8. Isaac Newton by E.N. Da C.Andrade
9. Newton, the Man by John Maynard Keynes
10. The Analyst by Bishop Berkeley
11. Gauss, the Prince of Mathematicians by Eric Temple Bell
12. Invariant Twins, Cayley and Sylvester by Eric Temple Bell
13. Srinivasa Ramanujan by James R. Newman
14. My Mental Development by Bertrand Russell
15. Mathematics as an Element in the History of Thought by Alfred North Whitehead

Part III. Arithmetic, Numbers and the Art of Counting
1. The Sand Reckoner by Archimedes
2. Counting by Levi Leonard Conant
3. From Numbers to Numerals and From Numerals to Computation by David Eugene Smith and Jekuthiel Ginsburg
4. Calculating Prodigies by W.W. Rouse Ball
5. The Ability of Birds to "Count" by O. Koehler
6. The Queen of Mathematics by Eric Temple Bell
7. On the Binomial Theorem for Fractional and Negative Exponents by Isaac Newton
8. Irrational Numbers by Richard Dedekind
9. Definition of Number by Bertrand Russell

Part IV. Mathematics of Space and Motion
1. The Exactness of Mathematical Laws by William Kingdon Clifford
2. The Postulates of the Science of Space by William Kingdon Clifford
3. On the Space Theory of Matter by William Kingdon Clifford
4. The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg by Leonhard Euler
5. Topology by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
6. Durer as a Mathematician by Erwin Panofsky
7. Projective Geometry by Morris Kline
8. On the Origin and Significance of Geometrical Axioms by Hermann Von Helmholtz
9. Symmetry by Hermann Weyl



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