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Математика XIX в.
Математика XIX в.
Dunnington G.W. Carl Friedrich Gauss: Titan of Science. 2004.

Dunnington G.W. Carl Friedrich Gauss: Titan of Science. - The Mathematical Association of America, 2004. - 537 p.

download (DjVu)

This biography of Gauss, by far the most comprehensive in English, is the work of professor G. Waldo Dunnington, who devoted most of his scholarly career to studying the life of Germany's greatest mathematician. The author was inspired to pursue this project at the age of twelve when he learned from his teacher in Missouri that no full biography of Gauss existed at the time. His teacher was Gauss's great granddaughter, Minna Waldeck Gauss.
Long out of print and almost impossible to find on the used book market (first edition was published in 1955), this valuable piece of scholarship is being reissued in an augmented form with introductory remarks, an expanded and updated bibliography, and a commentary on Gauss's mathematical diary, by the eminent British mathematical historian, Jeremy Gray.

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