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Математика Древней Греции и Рима
Математика Древней Греции и Рима
Cow J. A Short History of Greek Mathematics. 2010.

Cow J. A Short History of Greek Mathematics. - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. — 344 p.

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James Gow's A Short History of Greek Mathematics (1884) provided the first full account of the subject available in English, and it today remains a clear and thorough guide to early arithmetic and geometry. Beginning with the origins of the numerical system and proceeding through the theorems of Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes and many others, the Short History offers in-depth analysis and useful translations of individual texts as well as a broad historical overview of the development of mathematics. Parts I and II concern Greek arithmetic, including the origin of alphabetic numerals and the nomenclature for operations; Part III constitutes a complete history of Greek geometry, from its earliest precursors in Egypt and Babylon through to the innovations of the Ionic, Sophistic, and Academic schools and their followers. Particular attention is given to Pythagorus, Euclid, Archimedes, and Ptolemy, but a host of lesser-known thinkers receive deserved attention as well.


Part I. Prolegomena to arithmetic
     Chapter 1. The decimal scale
     Chapter 2. Egiptian Arithmetic

Part II. Greek Arithmetic
     Chapter 3. Calculation. Logistoca
     Chapter 4. Greek theory of numbers (Arithmetica)

Part III. Greek Geometry
     Chapter 5. Prehistoric and Egyptian Geometry
     Chapter 6. Greek Geometry to Euclid
     Chapter 7. Euclid, Archimedes, Apollonius
     Chapter 8. Geometry in Second century
     Chapter 9. From Geminus to Ptolemy
     Chapter 10. Last years


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